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Pretty and Profitable Profiles: How to Launch Your Freelance Business Using Social Media

July 24, 2017

No one turns down free advertising, right?


Well, you’d be surprised.


Social networking sites are the easiest way to promote yourself and your business. But there are so many freelancers who neglect their profiles or don’t have a social network at all. And that can hurt you when you’re trying to work online as a freelancer.


But you can’t just have any kind of social media presence. It has to be right for you and your business. To do this right, you’ll need to breakup with some of the things you used to believe about social media. And you’ll need to clean up your Facebook account.


Remember: free advertising and more clients. And for that you need a pretty and profitable profile.




Why Having A Solid Social Media Presence Makes You a ClientMagnet


So how does a good Instagram or Twitter profile make you more appealing to clients?


When you have a cohesive and professional social network, you appear competent. It shows potential clients that you’re capable of managing of their business (or at least part of it). Your social network is the first impression any potential client will have of you. You want to make them think “I need to work with this person!”


As a freelancer, it’s so important that you have an online presence that shows off how amazing you are. You know it, I know it, now let’s show the world! And that can’t happen if you don’t have any kind of social media presence or aren’t using the platforms to your advantage.


Think about it this way. Before you agree to do business with someone, be it a plumber or a therapist, you probably Google them, right? Are you more inclined to work with them if they have an attractive website and social media presence? What if there was absolutely nothing about them or their business available online? Would you trust them as a legitimate business or would you think they were a scam?


This situation is important to remember because your clients will experience something similar. You’re creating your social network to attract clients who like you and want to work with you. You can even get job offers just from having an amazing social media profile!


Interested in becoming client-magnet by tweaking your Facebook or Twitter profile? Keep reading to learn the first steps you need to take!


Not All Social Media Platforms are Created Equally


Now before you get started, please know that you don’t have to be active on every single platform. That would so overwhelming and not profitable! And I’m here to help you to create that profit you’ve been dreaming of.


Your best bet is to identify what platforms are best for your business depending on what kind of services you offer. LinkedIn is the business-minded version of Facebook. Both of these platforms are industry standards or “must haves” for freelancers and VAs looking for new clients.

Visual platforms like Dribble and Instagram that are great for designers and photographers. Pinterest is incredible for dropshippers, Amazon sellers, and bloggers. If you're a developer, register on Github and keep your profile active. It all depends on your business!


5 Must-Haves for ALL Your Social Media Profiles


Each social networking site is different, but here are some general rules you can use for them:


Clean content. I know those photos of you doing shots at someone’s 18th or 21st birthday party are treasured memories. But please, put them on private or delete them altogether. And for those embarrassing pictures of you that your cousin tagged you in, remove the tag. Or ask the photo be taken down altogether. Get rid of political posts and things with swearing or sexual content.


Why the strict policy?


You're a business owner now, even if you're a solopreneur or freelancer. Your social network is an active part of your marketing campaign for your services. You need to look like you're serious about making money and that you're trustworthy.


Professional headshot. Please invest in these as soon as you can! They show potential clients that you're taking yourself - and your business - seriously. And you can use them on your website without having that pixelated look.


If you're not in a financial place to make that investment right now, that's okay. There are plenty of successful business people who started off using selfies. And selfie sticks mean taking a DIY headshot is definitely possible. Keep it filter-free if you have to go this route and invest in professional headshots as soon as you can.


Some tips to keep in mind when you’re posing for your headshots. Make sure you use a photo of yourself where you're the only one in the picture. Smile, show off your teeth, and wear work appropriate clothes. Use the same photo on all of your accounts. I know that sounds boring but it makes you instantly recognizable and memorable.


Not sure if the headshot you like is the right one for you to be using? I recommend using You get authentic feedback on your photos and the impressions they leave on others. This site changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic! But I had a favorite headshot of myself that I was using everywhere and I had a headshot of myself that I hated. Guess which one actually made people feel I was competent in business? The headshot I hated! It’s free to use and I can’t say enough good things about it.


Your full name and your business name. These must be included on all of your profiles. This is especially important if they are two different names. If there's not enough room in the bio section, the link to your site will work for your business name. Also be sure to use your real name and not cutesy nicknames or pet names.


Well-written bio. Do your keyword research and keep your ideal clients in mind. Try approaching your bios by asking yourself: "If I were my client, what I would type in the search bar to find my profile?" By aligning yourself with their mindset, your odds of attracting them are improved. While these bios need to be professional, they don't need to be boring! Let your personality and voice shine through.


Share appropriate content: How you share your content varies by platform. But what you share needs to be appropriate for your audience. Remember, your social media profiles are free marketing tools! Representing yourself and your business well pulls clients to you. Keep rude language and inappropriate jokes between you and your friends.


So what can you share? Things relevant to your ideal clients and your business. Try sharing articles, blog posts you’ve written, inspiration, and industry tips. The way you share this information will vary depending on the platform. For example, on Facebook you can include a quote or why your audience should click on the article. Whereas with Instagram, you can offer tips and inspiration that tie into your photos.


Branding. This is a big scary word on the internet. But it’s as simple as marketing yourself in a cohesive away online. Most people think of color palettes and mood boards when it comes to branding but there’s more to it that just that. Branding encompasses your businesses message in visual and written form. So when you share something, whether it’s a Tweet or an Instagram update, make sure it aligns with your core message.



So What’s Your Next Move?

Cleaning up your social media profiles and posting the right kind of content definitely requires a shift in mindset. If you feel that you need more in-depth guidance, check out my mini-course called  ClientMagnet. In this course, you’ll learn what you can do on each individual social networking site to make yourself more appealing to clients. You’ll also receive a my Proactive Outreach Roadmap, which teaches you how to build a relationship with the clients you want AND the EXACT scripts that you can copy and paste to get in contact with the right people to get hired.


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