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16 Work from Home (Or Wherever) Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour

April 30, 2017


 “Can I follow the Work from Wherever Lifestyle without running my own business?”


It’s a question I’m asked more and more as the Work from Wherever Lifestyle becomes more popular. I worked as a remote employee for some years, so the answer is a definite: YES! I did some digging and some research. And then I did more digging and research. I knew if I was going to recommend places to you, they had to be worth your time.


Keep reading if you’re curious about what I found and where you can find jobs that will pay you at least $20 an hour.



16 Work from Home Jobs That Pay $20 an Hour


Let’s face it. Finding places that let you work from wherever and pay a decent wage. $20 an hour is a pretty good place to start. And while these aren’t necessarily virtual assistant jobs, they’re still worth checking out!


So, here are the 16 places that let you work from home — or anywhere — for $20 an hour.


1) American Journal Experts

Are you looking for work as editor? What about as a translator? This site has regular openings for independent contractors and is definitely worth checking out. I do want to say that not all positions make the $20 an hour mark. But based on feedback from Glassdoor, it’s pretty close and you have the potential to earn more.


2) Amphion Medical

If you have experience with medical coding, you could earn about $25 an hour with this position. You need one year of prior experience and your medical coding certification. They don’t have a lot of positions open so make sure to check back regularly.


3) Art & Logic

Is app and web development more your speed? If you’re a developer with amazing coding skills, this company frequently looks for new additions to the team! The best part? The entire company is remote and are paid over $20 an hour.


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4) Book in a Box

Do you have experience as a book jacket designer, editor, or proofreader? Bookmark this site. They usually have remote jobs paying over $20. You can also sign up for their recruitment email list so you’ll get an email whenever they have a new position posted.


5) Buffer

Good news: you can do more with Buffer than schedule your social media posts! You can work for them. Everyone who works for them can do remotely and all of their salaries can be viewed by the public. They offer a wide range of positions from customer support to engineers.


6) Carenet

Any nurses reading this? For roughly $25 an hour, you can work as a telephone triage! You do need about 3 years of recent clinical experience and an unrestricted RN license. Be sure to check out their website for more detailed qualifications!


7) Chegg

Turns out Chegg does more than buy your used college textbooks. As one of their online tutors, you’ll start off making $20 an hour and are paid weekly. You can work from wherever and have flexible hours. Simply sign up with your Facebook account and Chegg handles the rest.


8) CircleLink Health

Here’s another great position if you’re an RN or higher. Bookmark their page and check back regularly for their “Clinical Care Coach” posting. You can from where anywhere and earn $20 an hour.


9) Github

As a software company, it’s not unusual for employees to work from wherever they want and Github is no exception. They have multiple remote opportunities for software engineers to marketing managers. Some positions are completely remote and others require you to live in a generic area like North America or New Zealand.


10) Language Services Associates

Not all of their positions pay $20 an hour so be sure to ask for clarification before accepting a position from them. This is interpreter and translator company with virtual jobs. You can even translate over the phone!


11) Magoosh

Do you have a college degree? Did you get a high score on the SAT, GRE, or GMAT? Do you have previous tutoring or teaching experience? If you answered yes to all of these questions, Magoosh looks for remote test prep experts for help their students. You’re paid $20 an hour on the weekdays and $25 an  hour on the weekends.


12) Precyse

This is another great work from home opportunity if you have medical coding experience. Precyse offers between $25 to $30 an hour for their remote workers.


13) Revolution Prep

If you have previous experience teaching grades 6-12 and have your bachelor’s degree, you should consider applying to this company. Not only can you work remotely as an online tutor or teacher, you’ll earn $20 to $30 an hour. This is also one of the rare work from wherever companies that provide health insurance (medical, dental, and vision) and 401Ks for their employees. The catch? You must be living in the United States.



14) ShowMojo

For those of you who that have previous property management experience, check out this site’s Onboarding and Customer Success Specialist. You’ll earn $24 as a contractor through ShowMojo.


15) SitePenn

Working from home as one of the software engineers, project managers, javascript engineers, or web developers mean you can earn over $80K each year.


16) 10UP

This is another web development company that pays its employees over $20 an hour. They are often search for designers, developers, and web engineers. And you get to work remotely!


What’s Next for You?

So there you have it! 16 places that will pay you $20 an hour to work for them!


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