How to make $5k+ a month without prior tech experience while work from wherever you want to as a virtual assistant

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How to Become a Virtual Assistant with Absolutely No Experience

March 20, 2017







You are valuable as a virtual assistant even without experience. Let me tell you why:

Even though everyone was smiling
politely, I could see they thought I was making a mistake. Who throws away a corporate, high-paying job because she’s not happy?


Traveling the world, taking care of your family, and being able to splurge on that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing isn’t some fantasy that’s out of your reach. It’s a reality I live every day as a virtual assistant. Ever since I discovered this little known secret to freedom and financial abundance, I have not been able to stop talking about it. Today, I want to share with you how you can enjoy these things by becoming a virtual assistant even if you have no experience.


Interested? Keep reading to discover how you can become a virtual assistant with no experience and start living the life of your dreams.



What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone works from anywhere that has a good internet connection. They provide assistance to small businesses, large corporations, and even entrepreneurs who need to outsource some things on their to do lists. As a virtual assistant, you can do anything from answer emails, write blog posts, and even be a community manager on social media.


The possibilities are as endless as the places you can work! It’s just as easy to be a virtual assistant based in Utah as it is in Switzerland. I would know — I’ve done both! You really do just need a solid internet connection, a reliable computer, and some time in your day to complete the tasks your client assigns you.



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What Qualities Make a Great Virtual Assistant?

At this point, being a virtual assistant, or a VA, sounds like a dream come true. So how do you know if you’re up for the task, especially if you’re starting from square one? Let’s consider your background. Although having clerical or administrative experience is a plus, you don’t necessarily need to have worked in those positions to become a virtual assistant.


In fact, some of the best VAs I’ve met are nurses, paralegals, accountants, teachers, and stay-at-home parents. That’s because there are specific qualities that are absolutely vital to being a successful VA that you can develop in so many fields. To be a successful virtual assistant, you need to:


•   be a good listener and able to follow someone else’s instructions

•   be familiar with navigating online systems

•   be a fast learner

•   care about your clients and the success of their businesses

•   have accurate spelling and grammar

•   be resourceful and be comfortable asking questions


Do you possess these traits? Chances are you do. These are all you need to start as a virtual assistant and generate a freedom income, one that allows you to pay your bills while being able to work from wherever you want. If this sounds too good to be true or like a fantasy that’s out of your reach, then I want you to keep reading. You’ll see in a few moments how easy it is to become a virtual assistant with absolutely no experience.



How to Become a Virtual Assistant with Absolutely No Experience

Before you can become truly successful as a virtual assistant, you need to shift your mindset when you look at how much you’re worth. Because we work in a society that values previous experience when you’re entering into a new position. This mindset leads so many new virtual assistants to undercharge for their services and not be able to generate enough money for their freedom income. Which brings us to this question:


Are You Valuable Without Any Experience?

The short answer is yes. You need to believe in and truly understand the incredible value you’re bringing to the table just by having the six attributes I mentioned above. By understanding your value as a virtual assistant before you even have your first client gives you confidence. And this confidence shows up in your communication, it will bring the results, not your experience.


Your success as a VA is being able to save your client’s time and this is why you get the job done without any previous experience!

Remember: a client is not paying you for your experience or your time. They are paying for the time you save them!

Business owners have to take care of activities that generate revenue such coaching and finding new clients. These are activities that they can only do while you take care of activities that support the business owners’ goals and success.


VAs are much more relaxed and easy to work with because they can schedule their own time and don’t have to deal with office drama or politics. The balanced lifestyle you’re able to lead means you can work more effectively and have the capacity to do what you love. Wouldn’t you enjoy working while overlooking a beach or from the comfort of your sofa? Of course you would.


Finding the best person for the job can be tough when you’re stressed and drained from running in the rat race. Thanks to the automation and implementation of tasks to generate revenue for a company, you can secure an online job for yourself and find time to relax. The only time you’ll step into an office is if you decide to create one at home.


As a virtual assistant, you can decide who you want to work for, when you want to work, and where you want to work from. This complete freedom is a win-win situation for both you and your clients! And it is simply the most of suitable way of working in the 21st century.


When I first started working as a virtual assistant, I dove in and made so many mistakes because I had no one to guide me. I cringe when I look back on them but now, I can save you from repeating my mistakes. After some reflection, I’ve realized one piece of advice sticks out more than all the rest:


Start with a Niche and Build from There.

A niche is a narrow focus or area you’ll specialize in as a virtual assistant. A niche keeps you from spreading yourself too thin by trying to do too many different things and doing them well. You’ll experience burnout quickly if you try to manage one client’s financials, launch a massive social media campaign for another, monitor email accounts for yet another client, and then writing blog posts for another client.


It’s also really difficult to establish yourself as an expert if you’re juggling so many different areas. By picking a niche, you start to brand yourself as someone who knows what they’re doing and does it well. This leads to clients finding you instead of constantly hunting for them and allows you to charge higher rates for you expertise. Higher rates means you’ll be bringing in a higher income.


To get you started, I have compiled a list of six skills that sell the most and make you the most marketable to potential clients.


Here are the six skills that are tried true and tested:


1.     Email Automation

a.     composing and scheduling emails

b.     setting up automatic email campaigns

c.     use a third party application to send out email blasts


2.     Social Media Management

a.     create and manage social media profiles

b.     interact with followers and subscribers

c.     schedule posts


3.     Blog Management

a.     keyword research

b.     content idea generation

c.     calendar management

d.     internal linking


4.     Customer Service

a.     responding to comments and emails

b.     touch base with customers to follow up on orders

c.     assisting with sales.


5.     Learning to navigate in complex systems like Hubspot

a.     organize customer followup

b.     streamline tasks


6.     Landing Page creation

a.     creating graphics and generating engaging content

b.     using third party software to build an attractive landing page



How to Find Work as a Virtual Assistant

Don’t lose your enthusiasm for becoming a virtual assistant just because finding work for the typical 8-5 job is so difficult these days. Getting work as a virtual assistant is completely different experience. And finding jobs is actually relatively easy. Finding the RIGHT clients can be a bit more difficult, but nothing you can’t manage.


You can approach finding work a couple of different ways: through a company, your own website, or through job boards just to mention a few.


You can start right away on Upwork, on the largest job marketplace. With the help of the step-by-step strategy explained in Ultimate Upwork, on how to get clients in 15 days, create a clientmagnet profile and use the platform to its fullest to make a steady income.




There are companies that hire virtual assistants on a part-time or full-time basis. These companies are typically looking experience when they’re hiring virtual assistants so this option is best left for later on.


You can also find work by creating a website for your virtual assistant business. Here you can keep information about the types of services you offer and any relevant experience you have. I have actually developed a whole method of getting your personal website done in 2 hours with the relevant information and representation for beginners and advanced VAs in a way that will make your clients will drool over your application. You can find this information in the Work From Wherever Lifestyle Academy.


But if you want to wet your feet right now and starting making money for your freedom income… that brings us to the job boards. Upwork is probably the most popular and well-known platform for aspiring virtual assistants. It’s a great introduction to being in charge of your own work tasks but can be a little intimidating to start out with. Because of this, I’ve created a complete guide to getting your Work From Wherever Lifestyle started on Upwork.



What Are You Waiting For?

The opportunity to become a virtual assistant is one not enough people take advantage of. There will always being entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even large scale corporations in need of virtual assistant services. And you’ll able to work from anywhere while making enough money to support your family — maybe even a bag to go with those shoes you’ve had your eyes on.


If you’re not ready to make the leap yet or feel that you need more guidance, I recommend checking out my free training called How To Make $5K A Month As A Virtual Assistant Without Prior Experience. In this training, I teach you what skills you need to easily make $5K a month in as little as 90 days.


Have any questions about becoming a virtual assistant? Not sure if you’re on the right track? Leave a comment for me below and I’ll see if I can help.



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