How to get online clients fast and create a steady income in 15 days

Set on starting to earn online working on Upwork and similar sites? You are in the right place. This book guides you through the entire process, step-by-step how to get clients on Upwork and similar sites.


Learn the exact skill that I have and market as a VA: funnel consulting. Learn how to earn $5-10.000 a month. Reserve your spot for the next free webinar below.


Get the complete online system: How to create your Virtual Assisting business from A to Z. How to figure out your niche, how to market your skills and create your own VA brand, how to create working systems in your business that free up your time and much, much more!


When the course opens, get in there and do it! Lilla’s program is a crystal clear roadmap for those who want to become a successful virtual assistant/freelancer in the shortest possible timeframe. She has a loveable, enternaining style that made it easy to go through the entire program and profit from it. She helped me to clarify concepts and put them into practice to find ongoing work online. This program gave me knowledge and confidence that is essential in virtual assisting. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a high earning virtual assistant in the fastest possible time.

Leonóra Fajta-Németh
Social Media Manager


You are ready to start your virtual assistant business, take massive action and scale it. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. 

The virtual assistant school helps you get past your fears, preconceptions so you can get up and running with your VA business in 30-90 days, earning a steady income and get ready to quit your dayjob. 

In the course I help you to plan out your VA lifestyle on a way that is destined to success.

I show you what are the in-demand, high paying, ongoing VA services that are easy to learn, no need for a degree and you don't have to be "techie". I will also show you how to learn & test these skills. If you like a little extra hand holding, this is for you.

You'll discover how to represent yourself and your services online to attract your dream clients and how to create your personal website in 2 hours for free.


You'll know my secret to how to market your services with my proactive outreach plan. And I'm also showing you how to find clients on websites like Upwork. How to write an outstanding cover letter, outreach email and how to nail the skype interview.


You'll discover how streamlining your working processes will save you much time and headache so you can make the most profit in the least amount of time.  

Get immediate access to the 4 part free video training series.



I am currently enrolled in Lilla’s program and all I can say is it is invaluable!!! I have never seen a course so comprehensive in this market. I have already gained numerous tools and processes that have helped me find successes in my virtual assisting business and I have only just begun. She shows you a way to build a strong foundation from the start which makes it so much easier along the way. This is a perfect way to start a stay at home business the right way so you are not fumbling around taking little jobs here and there struggling to make ends meet and instead creating something more consistent, more manageable and most of all creating something of GREAT value to yourself and in turn your clients. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to build a work from home or from anywhere business.

Teresa Fernandez
Virtual Assistant

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How to get a steady income as a VA


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