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From last corporate day to $5k month

How to get a steady income as a VA


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It's FREE!


How to make $5k+ a month without prior tech experience while work from wherever you want to as a virtual assistant.

May 23, 2017

“Is the amount you’re paying me really fair considering all the hard work I’ve been doing?”

My eyes went wide. I hired this freelancer three days ago from Upwork, and they seemed very promising. But in those three days, there were nothing but problems and definitely no...

April 30, 2017

“Can I follow the Work from Wherever Lifestyle without running my own business?”

It’s a question I’m asked more and more as the Work from Wherever Lifestyle becomes more popular. I worked as a remote employee for some years, so the answer is a definite: YES! I did some...

March 20, 2017

You are valuable as a virtual assistant even without experience. Let me tell you why:

Even though everyone was smiling
politely, I could see they thought I was making a mistake. Who throws away a corporate, high-paying job because she’s not happy?

Traveling the world...

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"When it opens, get in Lilla's course! I've been a freelancer before taking the course but was struggling making a steady income. I applied what I learned in your course and happy to report: I had my first $5k+ month and haven't had less than $4k in 6 months. Thank you!"

Andrea V.